Diamond Cut

We are one of the few companies who specialise in reproducing Diamond Cut, a finish applied to numerous wheels fitted in the UK. A highly skilled process and one that takes longer to achieve than the various paint options available, this process returns wheels to the original manufacturer’s finish. We will advise you whether your wheels are suitable for this process.

Split Rims

By their very nature, split rims are the most complex wheels to refurbish. There are many variants and some special conditions apply in any repairs we undertake. In addition to our standard Terms and Conditions and Warranties, the following also apply:

Bolts are only guaranteed if new bolts are purchased from us.

Three piece wheels are sealed. However, occasionally leaks can occur. We will reseal any wheels showing signs of leaking. If the leak is caused by something other than the work done by us, an additional charge will be made.

Some wheels have decorative bolts, rather than being true split rims. If these are made of plastic rather than medal, we sometimes have to drill them out to refurbish the wheel. We are able to get replacements for these, but this will carry an additional charge.

For total peace of mind, we recommend making use of our free consultation service with split rims. We can inspect the wheels first hand and advise you of the work involved before you commit to having the repairs carried out. The consultation is completely free and without obligation.

Welding & Straightening

Due to the sometimes unpredictable nature of welding and straightening, all work is carried out at the owner’s own risk. We will advise you if your wheel is damaged beyond safe and legal repair. Whilst every care is taken during the straightening process, a crack can sometimes occur. If this happens, an additional charge will be made for a weld repair. We will, however, keep you informed should this happen.


If you have any questions just get in touch we're here to help out.