Can you colour match my wheels?

Yes we can colour match most wheels with over 8500 different colours available.

Do you take the tyres off?

Yes we completely strip the wheel of tyres and weights which results in a better refurbishment.

How long does it take

We normally offer a three-day turnaround on all full refurbishments. We will advise you if it is likely to take longer before starting the work.

Can you repair split rims?

Yes we can repair split rims.

Can you refurbish diamond cut rims?

We can refurbish most diamond cut rims unless there is not enough material left on the wheel to conform to manufacturer’s safety guidelines.

Can you match my centre caps?

We can match most centre caps depending on the colour as you achieve different colours with metal and plastic centre caps.

Do you replace valves?

We replace existing valves with new ones after refurbishment.


If you have any questions just get in touch we're here to help out.