These terms & conditions are subject to change so please check this page regularly.

All prices shown on our website and price list are Starting From prices. All wheels are refurbished to the highest standards possible, however we cannot be held responsible for unforeseen problems such as poor casting, pitting from excessive corrosion, or previous repairs. Heavily damaged wheels will incur an extra charge and flaws may show in the finish. Some finishes show blemishes more readily than others. We will always endeavour to contact the customer before carrying out any extra work, however work carried out must be paid for, even if you decide not to complete the work.

While we endeavour to meet the estimated times scales, work can sometimes take longer than anticipated. We are sure you would rather the work was done right than done quickly. We cannot be held responsible for any expenses incurred by the customer if we do not complete the job on time.

Locking wheel nut keys and OEM toolkits must be provided. Any costs incurred due to these not being available will be charged to the customer.

All wheels refitted to vehicles are torqued to 1151b/ft however it is recommended that you check all wheel nuts after about 50 miles, and again at regular intervals. You should also check the correct torque for your vehicle, and correct accordingly.

Wheels will not be released until payment has been received. Wheels not collected over 6 weeks from date completed will either be sold/disposed of to recover costs or will be charged at £1 per day as a storage cost. There will be no exceptions.

There will be a fee of £10.00 per night for vehicles left in our charge at our premises overnight from day 8 of work completed.

We accept all major credit and debit cards. Credit cards are subject to a 2.5% surcharge. We no longer accept cheques.

All vehicles must be covered by the owners own insurance when left on our premises. We accept no responsibility for goods left in the vehicle, or for damage, or mechanical failure.



All accounts are strictly 30 days Net. We reserve the right to charge interest at 8% above the Bank of England Base Rate on any accounts not settled within 30 days. By requesting a credit account you agree to our terms and conditions.

For trade customers, credit, if granted, will not exceed the maximum limit specified in the credit agreement. Credit may be stopped if the payment terms are not adhered to. A credit account may not be opened until a satisfactory reply has been received from both trade reference provided on the credit application. Company accounts may be requested.

Any goods provided remain the property of Rhino Alloys until they are fully paid for.

Any issues with work carried out must be reported within 24 hours. In the 
first instance we will repair the item. Credit Notes will only be issued if we are unable to repair the item to a reasonable standard.


Many cars are fitted with wheels with a Diamond Cut finish. We are one of the few specialist companies in this country that can reproduce this finish. The process for this finish takes longer than the standard finish, which is why it is more expensive. It is possible to refurbish wheels that have been Diamond Cut just by painting them, but the finish is not the same.

The Diamond Cutting process involves using a specialist Haas cnc lathe to take off the paint, and a small amount of the alloy from the face. They cannot be continually refurbished as too much alloy would eventually be removed. We advise you if we think too much has been removed for another refurbishment. If after your refurb a wheel is damaged, for example in transit, or with tyre fitting, and the wheel cannot be Diamond Cut again the wheels may have to be painted. We cannot be held responsible for accidental damage.

Small scuffs on Diamond Cut wheels cannot be repaired easily like they can on painted wheels. To be able to repair it properly the entire wheel needs to be refurbished.

Wheels that have a buckle cannot be Diamond Cut. The wheel must run close to true to be able to machine it. If we cannot Diamond cut a wheel we will inform you, and suggest all 4 are painted instead.


Spit rims are the most time consuming wheels to refurbish, and there are so many options that it is difficult to cover everything. In addition to the general T&C’s and Warranties please note the following:

Bolts are only guaranteed if new bolts are purchased from us.

We hold no responsibility for the splitting and reasembly of split rims as over time bolts can become corrodedand weak, bolts that have become corroded into the thread have a tendency to break leaving part of the bolt in the threaded hole, in such case customers will be notified and actions will be taken to remove damaged bolts, this will incure a charge of £24.95 per damaged bolt, services included in the £24.95 include the drilling out of snapped bolt, tapping for helicoil and suppling of helicoil and supplying of new bolt.

Three piece wheels are sealed, however occasionally leaks can occur. We will re seal any wheels showing signs of leaking. However, if the leaking is found to be caused by something other than the work done by us you will be charged.

Some wheels have decorative bolts in, rather than being true split rims. Until we see the wheels we cannot tell. Bolts on these wheels can be metal, but can sometimes be plastic. If they are plastic we sometimes have to drill them out to refurbish the wheels. We are able to get replacements, but this is at an extra charge. Welding & Straightening

All welding & Straightening work is undertaken at the owners own risk. While we will not do any repairs that we believe to be unsafe, the responsibility is ultimately that of the customer. While every care is taken while straightening, a crack can often occur during the process. If this happens you will also be charged for a weld repair.


It is the customers responsibility to ensure tyres are road legal, however we will not refit tyres we believe to be illegal, or if the tyre is damaged 
and unsafe. Punctures can be repaired, at the owners own risk. When fitting tyres new plastic valves are always fitted. We have a few 
metal valves in stock.

Special pressure sensing valves are delicate and are often subject to being damaged during the tyre removal, we are unable to hold responsibility for any damaged to the valves.


Check your tyre pressure regularly. Tyres with incorrect pressure will wear unevenly and will mean you need to replace your tyres earlier. Check what torque your wheels bolts should be and check that it correct. Check regularly. Clean you wheels regularly with warm soapy water. Corrosive cleaners can damage the lacquer and dull down the finish. Do not allow tyre fitters to use knock on weights (weights on the face of the wheel) as this will damage the paint finish and cause corrosion. Remember we are also able to supply and fit tyres and we will take care of your wheels.



Our Painted finish is guaranteed against paint defects for 6 months. This does not include damage caused by kerbing of the wheels, stone chips and knock on weights. Corrosive cleaners can also cause damage that will not be repaired under warranty. See our wheel care section for more advice.

No guarantee is given for any work that is carried out over existing products eg chrome or copper plating.


We offer no warranty on Diamond Cut wheels. The finish is not as hard wearing as painted, as you are lacquering a bare alloy finish. Stone chips are one of the most common defects on diamond cut wheels which will cause water to lift the lacquer.


No guarantee is given with any open polished finish. It is down to you to maintain the finish and to polish the item regularly.


No guarantee is given to any items welded and work is carried out at owners own risk.



We use APC to ship all items. This shipping does not include insurance. If you require insurance then you will need to make arrangements for your own courier and insurance. We accept no responsibility for the transportation of wheels.


If you have any questions just get in touch we're here to help out.