Here, at Rhino Alloys, our team of professionals carry out all jobs on site in our purpose built premises. All vehicles are kept inside overnight, in a highly secured environment. Our warm covered reception area has tea and coffee making facilities for you to enjoy while you wait.

Tyre removal

With tyre removal and rim preparation, the tyres are removed and prepared for wheels to be chemically dipped.

Paint removal

Wheels are dipped in hydrofluoric acid to remove all dirt and paint, returning the wheels back to bare alloy.

Alloy welding

Our team of experts can weld and fill anything from minor scrapes to major cracks.

Wheel straightening

Any distortion is corrected, alloy wheels are more delicate than the steel wheel and straightening them must be carried out with extreme care and attention. We have the experience and equipment necessary to do this safely and successfully.

Wheel face preparation

The face of the wheel is sanded and smoothed using a wide range of sanding and grinding tools to remove any damage.

Blast cleaning

Wheels are blasted to remove any debris and to provide a good key for the new finish.

Powder coating

This is the strongest, most cost effective finish that can be applied to your wheels. This can be applied in a variety of different colours and styles.

Diamond cutting

Diamond cutting entails skimming your alloys using a state of the art CNC lathe, leaving a sophisticated shined surface.


If you have any questions just get in touch we're here to help out.