Tyre facilities

Here at Rhino Alloys, we take your tyres as seriously as your wheels. That’s why we offer the following tyre services

  • Tyre removal
  • Supply any make and model of tyre
  • Grind & prime for the repair of slow punctures
  • Tyre fitting
  • Puncture repairs
  • Wheel balancing
  • Custom valve installation

Please note that if we are asked to do a repair to a wheel, we will not refit a tyre we believe to be illegal or, if the tyre is damaged, unsafe. Our customers’ safety is of paramount importance to us. We will repair suitable punctures, but stress that this is always undertaken at the owner’s risk. When fitting new tyres or refitting existing ones, we always fit new plastic valves. If you would like to customise your valves, we have a small selection in stock, but can order specific models if requested.

Wheel Care

To prolong the life and appearance of your wheels and tyres, we recommend you:

  • Check your tyre pressure regularly. Tyres with incorrect pressure wear unevenly and mean you need to replace your tyres sooner
  • Check what torque your wheel bolts should be and check that it is correct regularly.
  • Clean your wheels regularly – at least once a month in summer and twice in winter. Do not use corrosive cleaners as these can damage the lacquer and dull the finish
  • Do not allow tyre fitters to use knock on weights (weights on the face of the wheel) as this will damage the paint finish and cause corrosion


If you have any questions just get in touch we're here to help out.